Part of Miami’s magic lies in its unparalleled diversity. Walk down any street in Miami and you’re sure to hear at least three different languages. Experience the melting pot of cultures up close as your order appetizers, entrees, cocktails, wine, beer and desserts of typical international cuisines. Cultures from around the world call Miami their home away from home, come taste the flavors of comfort food from around the world.

Our neighbors in the Caribbean and South and Central America have moved to Miami in droves and brought with them their tasty flavors from home. Our shared tropical climate makes Miami a great place to keep those flavors alive, as we can grow many of the same crops, and experiment with infusing our American staples with these tropical touches.


The Cuban influence is everywhere in Miami, the architecture, the people, the politics, but perhaps most notably the food. Cuban food has, in many ways, become the typical food of Miami. Tour guides and locals alike will all point you towards the best Cuban restaurants as a must-visit during your trip. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee jolt, a sit-down lunch or dinner, a sandwich on the go or a late night feast, find time for a Cuban meal and you’ll find yourself coming back for more of that distinct sabor.

Haiti, The Dominican Republic and other Caribbean island cultures have opened restaurants in Greater Miami. Try Little Haiti for an authentic taste of island food. Specialty foods served on everyday dinner tables include diri kole ak pwa (rice and beans), poul (chicken) and goat meat.


Countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Argentina have enough transplants in Miami to bring their cuisine to each neighborhood. A Peruvian restaurant serving fresh ceviche in their typical style is right next to an Argentine steakhouse. A taco stand is neighbors with a Colombian pastry shop. Miami’s distinct blend of cultures and cuisine is visible in every neighborhood of this eclectic city. Explore off the beaten path restaurants with authentic, traditional food and high end takes on Latin American cuisine.

Many of Miami’s finest establishments, high-end hotel restaurants, and celebrity chef’s haute eating houses, are influenced by the Latin flavors that have, in many ways, become synonymous with Miami cuisine. Often called “Nuevo Latino” cuisine, chefs are infusing the flavors of Latin America in fresh and unexpected ways. Think of a chorizo hash with fingerling potatoes, caramelized onions, celery and quail at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar or mango cream soup at Casabe 305.


Get a taste of authentic Asian cuisine in Miami. While it’s not what we’re best known for, it’s a little known secret that there are some truly stellar Asian restaurants in the Greater Miami area. Dive into authentic Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and more at restaurants scattered throughout the city serving traditional style meals.

Vietnamese and Thai cuisines are particularly popular around here because of their refreshing ingredients and tropical flavors. How perfect is a cooling summer roll packed with fresh grown veggies, including chopped mango and locally grown cilantro and cucumbers on a hot summer day? You’ll have to try it for yourself to understand.

Sushi is incredibly popular in Miami. This top-notch eating destination is packed with fresh sushi spots that serve fish that was caught in the waters that lie all around us. You won’t have to look very hard for a sushi restaurant close to wherever you’re staying. Expect only the freshest and finest fish at Miami’s sushi restaurants, especially the high-end spots that serve ultra-fresh fish in unique and new ways with the best sake, imported beers and more.


French, Italian, Spanish, Greek and more are represented on the Miami food scene. Spanish tapas are a popular style of eating and ordering that’s spread outside of just traditional Spanish fare. Many popular restaurants are now serving tapas-style sharable dishes, perfect for getting a taste of a handful of menu items instead of just one or two. Enjoy Greek food al fresco, house-made Italian pasta, and fantastic French fare in restaurants across Miami and the Beaches.